Welcome to Sydney CBD Metro, the 2009 Built Environment collaborative design studio project involving 153 students and staff from Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Interior Architecture and Industrial Design courses. In this project our individual course communities will work collectively with each other and in association with Sydney City Council, Sydney Metro Authority, professional and industry consultants. Our collaborative project is guided by the design inquiry question

How can public transport infrastructure projects incorporate the design of excellent urban spaces, places and elements to enhance the liveability and sustainability of Sydney?

This inquiry connects to and is guided by Sydney City Council’s visionary aspiration to become a globally competitive and innovative city, a leading ‘environmental performer’. With the 2008 launch of the Sustainable Sydney 2030: Green, Global Connected strategic document, the City of Sydney Council nominates a number of ‘big moves’ for transforming the city’s social and built environment to provide a more resilient and sustainable future for Sydney as a connected, lively place of living, work, leisure and culture.

A vital aspect of this vision is the development of infrastructure such as an integrated transport system that allows people to traverse the city and connect to city places and spaces by walking, bicycle, bus, ferry and rail. This aspect intersects with the NSW Government’s long term plan for a Sydney Metro system. The first phase of this plan involves the construction of the CBD Metro line with stations at Central, Town Hall Square, Martin Place, Barangaroo, Pyrmont, White Bay and Rozelle. Students’ studio speculations will explore the design of the public domain intersection of surface to subterranean places, spaces and interfaces at a range of scales and modes to meet the City’s 2030 vision for revitalising and enhancing the relationship between people, place and spatiality in Sydney.

Sydney Series Sydney City pen drawing 2005
Sydney Series Sydney City pen drawing 2005